Wednesday, March 24, 2010

...the friendship that is the best


I thought college life is boring
lonesome and very tiresome
until I found these people
who made my college world enjoyable.

Our friendship is just simple
we do things together 
we eat together

we even cry together.

I hope and I pray
that this friendship will be forever
'cause this is the kind of friendship 
that I want to last forever.

...remnants of the past...


Who were you back then?
Who are you right now?
it's like coming face to face with a stranger
Is this really who you are?
When before I had wished for this 
I regret it now
to see you turned into someone else
I'd rather be trapped forever in one time,
the time when you were the you back then.
Some say you changed for the better
but I think otherwise
Is it because I don't like the new you?
Or because I missed the old you?
you used to have philosophies
only you seemed to believe
but now somehow they ceased to exist
Were you just pretending before?
I guess no one could hurt more than I do
it's because I have loved the past you.

...too late


When everything starts to break down
and fear is the only thing you have
when only pain can be felt
and hope is nowhere to be found
I guess it's time to stop 
and take one deep breath
take yourself back to the beginning of it all
do it before you start to fall.

Because once it's all too late
everything will not wait
get up and make your move
know your strength inside of you
you have the power to change your fate
do it before it's all too late.

When the day dies and becomes night
the cold, vague darkness eats up the light
nothing is as it seems
and everything's just a waste
wake up from this nightmare
this is not the end but the beginning of it all
stand up, refuse to take the fall
for you have the power to change the worst
before it's too late
to stop it all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


by: mhereal

I'm writing you this letter
that you may understand better
the words I cried
yesterday when we said goodbye.

Listen now as I begin
open your heart and let me in
lend me your ears
and feel the pain.

It's been a year 
since we first met
you said "Hi"
I said "Hello".

Eventually, we became friends
talked a lot without end
spent some time together
and finally got it over.

Every day while we're together
happiness comes closer
everything that we do
makes me feel we're secured and true.

Until the day I found you there
hugging and kissing her
my heart was broken into pieces
all I've felt was pain and sadness.

It took me some time
to know your crime
and now that your proven guilty
I think it's time to set me free.
You explained things one by one
trying to put back what's gone
but sorry boy, I'm not a fool 
once is enough for me to learn.

You said you'll always love me
but still you've hurt me
I thought we're perfect
now, there's no more magic.

I thought we're strong 
but I was wrong
'til yesterday I made what's right
never mind my tears tonight.

simple stare

by: mhereal

I saw you today
walking down the way
I tried to get your stare
but I saw that you didn't care
Oh, how my heart aches
I really dont exist to you.
I feel so sad
I am so down
that you can't give me
just a simple stare
boy, please 
don't make me feel like this
just for your simple stare.

Until one time 
you bumped unto me
you said that you are sorry
you helped me up and introduced yourself
you even flashed a smile
and we have talked for awhile.
After that, when we have met again
you didn't notice me anymore
I felt stupid
I'm like a fool
hoping for someone
that can't even give me a simple stare.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a hearts dilemma

by: mhereal

Looking at you at a distance
makes my heart dance
every beat speaks your name
every pump erases all worries and pain.

Every time you pass by
I also feel my heart fly
and every smile you show
makes my world go slow.

I know it's stupid
I know it's wrong
but what if I'm on my way believing
that I am already falling.

I don't want to
but what can I do?
if that's the way you make me feel
and if I take it just too real.

That every morning, as I wake up
the thought of you makes me pause and stop
every time I close my eyes
all I see is you and me.

Why do I keep on dreaming?
Why does my heart keep on hoping?
dreaming the impossible
hoping like a fool.

Constantly, you're on my mind
 making you a part of me
and no matter what I do
day by day, I just keep on missing you.

Am I into something?
Is this a feeling worth having?
A song worth singing?
Or just a tear not worth shedding?

The day I saw you with her
my heart started breaking
and in silence I cry, thinking
 Why is love so damaging?

Since that day
I avoided this feeling
I now learned that love can be so tormenting
seeing my own self slowly dying.

And now I know
dreams can't become realities
there is no such thing as fantasy
and fairy tales are only stories.
Time heal all wounds
they often say
others may say it'll soon be okay
but what if the wound stays?

: for the best mom ever...

by: mhereal

Dark clouds are coming
I know, rain will soon be pouring
Lightning will soon be striking
Strong winds will soon be blowing.

And as darkness covers my all
I look around for some soul
But I saw no one here
I now feel so alone and bare.

I tried to run and hide
But every time I make a stride
I always stumble that's why I cry
Feeling my heart making a long sigh.

Suddenly I saw some light
Made by a torch shining so bright
I looked around and found you running
You stared and found me crying.

You knelt down and hugged me
You covered me with warmth
Making me feel secured
Shielding me from the storm.

Immediately, just like magic, darkness is gone
The storm now calmed
I looked up and found you still there
I know you wont leave me scared.

Thank you Mom
For all the things you have done
For protecting me from all harm
and for always keeping me warm.

Thank you Mom 
For the stories and tears we have shared
May it be a lesson to learn
Or just a feeling to burn.

And now that I know
Your support will never withdraw
I gathered another strength to go on
Fighting like a warrior with a great home.

Every step I take
Every goal I make
I know you're always there
Giving me strength with your stare.

I love you Mom
I always will
I promise not to leave you
Even in your deepest sorrow and despair.

I'll always be your only girl
And you'll always be my best Nanay
Don't worry I wont leave you astray
Even when your hair gets gray.

I promise to love you forever Mom
And never will my promise be gone
And you know one thing is for sure
I love you beyond any time and space.

I love you Mom
I love you true
I know I'm blessed
For I have you. of my fears...


When I was still a little child
I really like to run and hide
So that I cannot taste and see
The real world just in front of me.

And when I begin to grow-up
I have learned when to go and stop
So that I can safely survive
In this traffic road full of lives.

When I think of my tomorrow
Certain coldness and sadness grew
Really have a lonely feeling
I want to keep on denying.

Beyond tomorrow, what could be?
Will I still gonna face and touch thee?
Will I still laugh really loud and lively?
Or simply be a memory.


 What To Expect

             You may be wondering what is my theme for my blog. Well, honestly, I don't know what to write to a blog since I'm new to blogging. But as the days pass by, I have gained some ideas on what can be my theme for my blog. In order for me to be original, I thought of sharing some of my "handmade" poems.

             I consider poems as an expression of ones feelings and beliefs. It's an expression of what you're thinking and even what you're experiencing. I love to write poems because it makes my mind work and it also unleashes my feelings. Poems make me express myself, my feelings and my ideologies.

             I hope you would enjoy reading my poems.